uShaka marine World is the fifth largest aquarium in the world and home to a diverse selection of marine life, from the smallest sea horses to warm-blooded seals and playful dolphins. Once you’ve seen this Durban aquarium’s fish, there’s a theme park and shopping precinct right next door.

uShaka marine world

Did you know?

uShaka Sea World’s tanks hold a combined 17 500 cubic metres of water.

One of the biggest aquariums in the world, uShaka marine World not only has all the traditional elements of an aquarium – including a seal pool and penguin rookery – but it also boasts a number of interactive activities that will thrill marine enthusiasts and children looking to get a little closer to their favourite fish.

The Snorkel Lagoon, for example, allows visitors to swim amongst a huge variety of marine life (nothing too big or dangerous though) while the Touch Pool gives folk an opportunity to touch a starfish or feel the skin of a sea cucumber.

This Durban aquarium features both indoor and outdoor seawater exhibits, many of them specially themed. There’s the Open Ocean, where fish such as tuna, dorado and various rays can be seen, while Reefs Predators focuses on shark species and the Turtle Lagoon features these graceful reptiles.

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