Pretoria zoo is the only zoo in South Africa that is home to Koalas, Okapi, Komodo Dragons and Forest buffalo, to name but a few.

The second facility, the Mokopane Biodiversity Conservation Centre (MBCC), located 200 km north of Tshwane, has both an ex situ and in situ component. The centre is 1 394 hectares in size and hosts approximately 830 animals of 42 different species and subspecies directly in its care. In the reserve component, a total of 105 tree species, 71 grass species and 173 free ranging bird species have also been identified. In 2007, the MBCC was proclaimed as a protected area as a Fossil Hominid Site of SA: Mokopan Valley.

REFERENCE :NZG WEBSITE-national zoological gardens of South Africa.

An Adventure at Pretoria zoo video.

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