Last time we decided to visit Pretoria zoo on a weekend outing.Pretoria zoo is a great place to chill out with friends and family.The good thing is that Kids will love it too.

Its a great place for parties and braaing ,while enjoying the natural breeze and natural scene.

Meeting With nature.

The 85-hectare National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is the largest zoo in the country and houses 3117 specimen of 209 mammal species, 1358 specimen of 202 bird species, 3871 specimen of 190 fish species, 388 specimen of 4 invertebrate species, 309 specimen of 93 reptile species, and 44 specimen of 7 amphibian species.


The Zoo was established in 1899 but only officially became the National Zoo in 1916, and now hosts in excess of 600 000 visitors every year.

An Aquarium and Reptile Park also form part of the Zoo facility. The entrance fee for the Zoo also includes a visit to these parks.

More about the zoo

Children’s games.

at pretoria zoo

Children’s pushcarts are available for rent at a cost of R40 – R60 per day, and golf carts are available for rent at R80 per hour or R150 for two hours.

And face paint for kids will make it more memorable.

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How to get to Pretoria Zoo?

Pretoria zoo is situated in pretoria town ,South Africa.Below is the map for directions.

directions to pretoria zoo


Listing information:

Address:232 boom street pretoria

Telephone:012 339 2700

Open hours: Open EVERYDAY! Ticket sales 8:30 – 16:30. Zoo closes 17:30.

What does it cost?

Entrance fees
The entrance fee includes a visit to the Aquarium and Reptile Park, as well as the Zoo.

Adults: R75
Children (2-15): R50
Organised school groups: R32 (Monday to Wednesday)
Organised school groups: R45 (Thursday and Friday)
School tariffs are not applicable during the school holidays, public holidays or weekends.

Some tips and advice when visiting Pretoria zoo.
  • Take care of the kids and watch out for their movements,especially when crossing the street into the zoo.
  • Get prepared,get there early and give the kids enough time for games and to enjoy the view.
  • make sure your cameras are fully charged ,or phone ,you need some great photo shoots.
  • Good parking available on the opposite side of the street so no need to worry about parking.
  • make educational /research tours.This will be very valuable.

I wish to visit the zoo again soon so check out for some great photo shoots later.

If you have visited the zoo before ,please tell us what you love about the zoo.


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