Situated between Lydenburg and Belfast is a small village of Dullstroom or Emnotweni.It is a great tourist attraction center ,due to its cultural roots that still remains in this town.The rich woodlands,mountain views and great lakes makes it a great place to spend a weekend or holiday.

Dullstroom is still developing ,and hence the local municipality is investing more in the development of its local black residents Sakwele location.

Besides the amazing beauties of this Village Dullstroom has 7 Claims to fame.

  • it is one of the coldest villages in South Africa,
  • it is South Africa’s premier trout fishing area,
  • it is the home of the highest railway station, 2076 m above sea-level,
  • it is the only place where elm and beech trees grow in any number and …
  • it is also the only region in South Africa where you will find the endangered the Blue Crane, Crowned Crane, as well as the Wattled Crane which is critically endangered.
  • it hosts a whiskey bar with the largest collection of whiskeys in the southern hemisphere.
  • it is also the host of a specialized clock shop with the largest collection of clocks in the southern hemisphere.

And now you can watch this video about Dullstroom.

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