The festive season is here and most people will break from their day jobs,In South Africa the tide is changing -traditionally it was assumed that mostly the whites would take vacations and tour the country.In recent years we have seen more and more blacks visiting different resort centers around the country.What are some of the beautiful places that you may consider visiting this festive season?

We found a great video on You tube featuring 10 Best places to visit in South Africa.

10.Johannesburg Town

Take your time touring this traditional city.

Within Johannesburg lies so much of history-A city that began in the 19th century as a Gold Mine settlement.Its known for Soweto township a sprawling jumble African workers’ houses that was once home to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

9.Cape Winelands.

Is a region in the south of the country,It boasts of the majestic scenery.It is situated in the north east of Cape Town and offers a beautiful landscape of wine hills and mountains.

The Cape Winelands is also home for 5 Star restaurants ,exclusive boutiques and charming hotels.

Some things to do in the Cape Winelands.

The Annandale Winewalk:

“Wines need time to become great. These things can’t be rushed.” Hempies du Toit

A walk in the winelands and a wine tasting are also things that can’t and shouldn’t be rushed. Why not slow down and take your wine tasting at a walking pace?

Start at the Root 44 Parking lot:

Starting at the popular Root  44 market parking area, there is a shaded path that runs for 50m  along the river to the historical Annandale farm. Hempies du Toit and his team invite you to meander along under the trees on a Saturday morning,  and join them for a wine tasting of the award-winning Annandale reds. What better way to end the morning after having a coffee at the market?

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8.Addo Elephant Park.

The Sundays River has its entrance at the mouth of the Indian Ocean and is tidal from the mouth for 17km. The river is well known for its excellent fishing and the bird-life is prolific.

Come to Addo and see the famous Addo elephants as well as mile after mile of verdant citrus trees, bearing fruit all winter and scenting the air with their blossoms in springtime.

The Sundays River Valley Route/Addo region is only an hours’ scenic drive from the wonderful beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the rich 1820 Settler history of Grahamstown. To experience the sounds,sights,Big 7(elephant, black rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, great white shark and sperm whale) and the friendliness of Africa, this area is a must for any holiday maker.

Addo Elephant National Park is situated 72km by road from Port Elizabeth. Established in 1931 to save 11 Elephants on the brink of extinction, and now home to more than 350 of them, 280 Cape Buffalo, black Rhino, a range of Antelope species, as well as the rare flightless dung Beetle, Addo Elephant Park is a perfect destination for the adventurous outdoor and nature lover.

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Is a town on the Southern Coast of the Western Cape province of South Africa.It is famous for Southern right whale watching during the Southern winter and spring and is a popular retirement town.

The whales can be seen from the cliffs in the town center as early as June.

And Now The Video

The video below features all the 10 places you can visit this coming festive season.

Please add your comments below ,Tell us of any place that you know around South Africa that you wish to visit.


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