Your hair should look great and healthy,too some it comes natural ,they say its genes i guess.If you are struggling and you are looking for some remedy for your hair Yahoo answers has somethings worth trying.

The good thing is that ,these are real tips from real people.

Choose one and give it a try:

  • Jamaican or Haitian Castor oil makes your hair grow.
  • Drink water!
    Use C-vitamins capsules on you shampoo.
    And make some hair cream with yogurt and avocado.
  • Try not to wash hair again and again. Washing hair every now and again does not make it become quicker
  • Avoid high consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is known to reduce the hair growth and promote hair fall instead.
  • Eat protein rich food- This is because your hair is made up of protein called “keratin”. Protein is highly present in animal products, especially, meat.
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Let your hair air dry every time you get out of the shower instead of blow drying it

10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!


These hacks may not work for you,so the best advice is for you to consult a Dermatologist.

Please add your comments below ,we want to hear your cool hacks that you use to treat your hair.

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