Frequently Asked Questions about First Directory.

We ran surveys in Soshanguve and these are some of the questions that were asked by Users.

If you have a question about our website go through these questions,Or you can alternatively contact us here.


  1. Can a person list even if their company is not registered


Yes-and if you see your business that is already listed by someone you can claim it on our website.


claim listing

We may however require proof of company ownership.

Even a vendor selling vegetables can get listed on our directory.


  1. How will i know that potential clients are viewing my post.


We send a detailed report every month end to paid users-

The report will include-number of visits to your page.

                                       – actions done on your page,clicks on links eg your website.

                                      -we also send an instant notification for your leads eg a customer fills an inquiry form.

NB:only available to paid listings.

  1. How can i interact with potential clients?  Will it be on the site? Can they inbox me or will it have to be via email or contact number ?


Potential clients can call or email you to inquire about your business.

They can also visit your website or social media platforms such as facebook.

Our listings also show a clear map with directions to your business.


add and sell products through us if you want.Directly from our website.

Create catalogues and allow customers to order your products directly from our website.

We capture information for all potential customers through our inquiry form.


inquiry form

  1. How many listings can i do in a month? Paid or free


Free listing-one listing only

Paid listing -unlimited listings in different areas as long as we verify that they belong to you.


  1. How will people know about my company? Will the online direct be on google search engines? Or would u have to type in “online direct”

a.Searches will appear on search engines like google, bing and yahoo.

Our website is search engine optimized.

We have been operating for a few month but already we are dominating search engines for profitable key words.


google search -electricians in Hammanskraal



We already rank number 8.

google rank


We will use the same strategies for more keywords and cities.

b.We don’t rely on seo only ,but we are media buyers-We run targeted ads on other platforms such as facebook to bring targeted customers to your business.

c.We  will be launching a mobile app and hence mobile marketing.

d.Before end of 2016 we will launch a offline magazine ,your business will feature in the magazine to reach customers without internet access.


  1. Does it cover the whole south Africa? Like other online platforms?


Yes.Only South Africa.

However international business can buy banner ads on our website.

All listings are for South Africa only.


  1. If i don’t have access to internet will the be a person who’ll list me n keep me updated?


We recommend that you have at least an email address as a business.We can assist by opening one for you.

However we will update you Via sms  every month to show the progress of your listing.

  1. How many lists can i do in a month?


Free Listing-can only add one listing

Paid listing-unlimited listing in different areas


  1. Is the online direct registered? Licensed?



We operate under the company name Strides Ako Enterprise(pty ltd) Registration number:2015/150453/07 Under South Africa regulation laws.


  1. Call center for the site or a way of contacting the provider if am experiencing difficulties? In posting or EFT payments



We don’t have call centres at the moment.

You can call Daniel on- 0732657202 for inquiries.

Altenatively email us on: or through our website contact page.

We will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day.

  1. Is it ideal of all businesses?


Yes -Because today every business needs to have an online presence.

From a small business to huge enterprises.

It does not matter how small you are.Since building a website may be a lot of work and costly, Listing your business is a great way to start.


  1. Is there a difference between junk mail,gumtree,olx?



junkmail,gumtree,olx are classifieds ads websites and include single product ads.

We list business so users can easily find them when they need them.

We are a business directory though we intend to create a complimentary marketplace where users can sell single products.

And hence our role is to promote businesses and help them grow through digital marketing.

Another obligation is to bring relevant information to communities.

We run similiar to websites like

However we are focused even to the smallest business around that no-one knows about.


  1. Do all clients paying and non-paying receive news letters?


Yes .

You will receive newsletters if you wish to receive newletters.You can opt out or unsuscribe any time you wish to do so on our website or by contacting us.


14.How much does it cost to be listed.


We have Free Listings

Small business package-750 South African rands per year.renewable every year.

Premium package-1200 South African rands per year ,renewable every year.

Payment can be done through Paypal online.


EFT or Bank Deposit into our account below.


First National Bank.

Account Number -62358881798

Branch code.210648