We have provided a unique platform for businesses in South Africa to  grow and sustain a profitable online marketing strategy.Our business directory is designing to drive as much targeted prospects to your business through different marketing channels.However its not enough just to add your listing on firstdirectory.There is something that you can do to get the most out of your listing.

Getting Started.

How you add your listing makes adifference.  

1.Your Title.

if your business name does not include any key words of your services then its advisable to edit the title.


Your business name is Ndodana enterprise.

And you a a construction company,It is advisable to add Ndodana Construction Company in Your Title .This helps search engine to optimize your listing above others.

This is also true with your body text ,Try as much to include the relevant words that ordinary people use to search for your Services.

2.Backlinks and SEO rankings.

You can build great backlinks on Firstdirectory.If you own a website then make sure you link back in your text.This helps improve your SEO ratings of your site.

Isn’t this great!

We offer you free backlinks to your site.

3.Good Images.



Add your company logo on the featured image to promote your company brand.

Add also your product images.You can add unlimited number of product images in Firstdirectory.

4.Explainer Video/Testimonials.

Build customer trust by adding testimonials to to your listing.Or a clear video explaining your products or services.


Promoting your Listing

It is your responsibility to promote to Listing.To get the most out of your listing you can ;

-Add your listing on featured listing or paid listings ,ensuring that you gain more exposure .

-Share your listing on social media platforms such as facebook.

-Word of mouth ,tell other people about your listing.


Firstdirectory’s mission is to promote small businesses and help them grow by driving targeted prospects to their business.

If you would like to learn more about our services ,them go ahead and contact us.




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